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What makes our lash services stand out from others

At Lashes & Brows by An, we offer the highest quality lashes extension services to help you look your best. 

- We only use pro-silk (Faux Mink ) soft lashes with dark velvet matte black color. We offer a range of eyelash extension styles, from classic to volume, to suit each individual's desired look. Our lash extensions are made from premium materials that are lightweight and comfortable. 

 - We pay careful attention to every lash during the application process, ensuring that each extension is perfectly placed and adhered to the natural lash.

Especially, our volume sets are meticulously created by using handmade fans. We strictly avoid the use of premade fans. Why are the fans so important?

- Lightweight fans that don't weigh lashes down or cause damage to the natural lashes of the clients.

- Due to sharp pointy bases, the lash wrapping technique can still be used, allowing for exceptional lash retention and isolation.

- Our lash fans are more narrow , even and suitable for creating a perfect lashline. Our standards are very strict. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality and would like to see clients  will come back! :)


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Wispy Baby Set

Hybrid Set

Light  Glam set

Wispy Glamorous Set

Angel set









"The Baby Wispy set is a type of eyelash extension technique that involves layering lashes. The top layer is applied with Classic lashes, which are 2-3 sizes longer than the bottom layer. The bottom layer, on the other hand, is created using Volume fans in 2-3D. This technique is ideal for individuals seeking a natural yet enhanced look that is both fluffy and sophisticated."

Hybrid lash extensions applied by volume fan 2D - 2 lashes extension to 1 natural lashes. Hybrid lash extensions are a popular choice for those who want a more glamorous look than classic extensions, but do not want the full-on drama of volume lashes.

In light volume set, 4 very fine extensions are applied to each natural lash in a fan-like shape, resulting in a thicker and more dramatic lash line. The extensions used in this technique are typically thinner than those used in classic lash extensions, allowing for the application of multiple lashes without causing damage or discomfort to the natural lashes. The result is a full and fluttery lash line that is perfect for those who desire a more dramatic look.

Mega Volume Wispy Lashes offer a stunning and dramatic enhancement to your eyes. This specialized eyelash extension technique creates a voluminous and wispy appearance that is both captivating and alluring.

With Mega Volume Wispy Lashes, multiple ultra-fine lash extensions are carefully fanned out and delicately applied to a single natural lash. This meticulous process results in a full and feathery look that adds incredible depth and intensity to your eyes.

Wet Volume Lashes offer a unique and striking look that adds depth, intensity, and a glamorous touch to your eyes. This innovative eyelash extension technique creates a sleek and glossy appearance that mimics the effect of freshly coated wet lashes.

With Wet Volume Lashes, lightweight and ultra-fine lash extensions are expertly crafted into precise fans. These fans are then skillfully applied to your natural lashes, creating a voluminous and defined effect that resembles the look of wet, clump-free mascara.

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